Online Coaching

It’s Efficient
You can choose when and where you workout without having to coordinate your busy schedule with that of a trainer.

Choose the Boot Camp Solution and your workout is provided through a multi-week program that includes several DVDs or can be accessed On Demand via live streaming. All you need to do is “push play” and you are on your way to a lifetime of fitness and health.

Choose the Fitness Builder Solution and your weekly workout is delivered to your computer, tablet or smartphone. You can take your custom program with you to your home gym, commercial gym or friend’s gym!

It’s Economical
The cost of a fitness trainer can run anywhere from $50 to well over $100 and hour.  If you choose to work out in your home gym, you save the additional cost of a gym membership, the cost of fuel for the drive and the biggest cost of all-your time for the commute.  Even if you still prefer the environment of a commercial fitness facility, you will save money on the hourly charge of a fitness trainer.

It’s Personal
You will have access to your coach for any questions, concerns, feedback, motivation and inspiration. A personal connection is just a call, email or message away. You can also schedule a video chat for feedback on form and more detailed assistance on how to perform each exercise.

It’s Educational
With either fitness solution, you have your current and future workouts on video. You can preview each workout in advance so you are better prepared and make better use of your time ‘in the gym,’ and you can review any workout or part of a workout to better understand each exercise.

It’s Enjoyable
The Boot Camp and FitnessBuilder Solutions offer access to a private accountability and support group on Facebook where you will be surrounded by people just like you! When you check-in daily, you have the opportunity to develop fitness friendships and long lasting relationships with a fitness family. Life is meant to be played as a team sport!  Fitness accountability groups allow you to connect with your team when it is convenient for you.

It’s Proven

Beachbody® is the leading producer of home fitness programs and is the pioneer in creating online accountability groups through the member message forum at the Team Beachbody website. The Athletic Rider Fitness Boot Camp uses the model of Beachbody’s “Challenge Groups” to create a similar, powerful online accountability group through private groups on Facebook.

You don’t have to go far to find an Athletic Rider Graduate who can share story after story of someone who gives big kudos to a boot camp team for creating the energized environment needed to keep on track.  Still unsure? Then check out the Boot Camp Reviews to know the opportunity for success is available to you.

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