Every once in awhile we get a Boot Camp participant who is not a rider but someone who just wants to get fit to live better! Vidhi M. is one of those ladies. She has been incredibly focused and committed in her transformation journey and her hard work shows. Her skin simply glows now!

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Vidhi M., in her own words:

I could never manage to go to the gym on a regular basis. Although I could manage to do some Yoga at home-once a week or so. I had gained almost 25 pounds between late 2011 and early 2014. Merely by an unhealthy lifestyle! So yoga did not really help at that point. I started feeling tired and lethargic. I knew I had to do something but didn’t know how to get started! We saw this home workout DVD commercial on TV. After some research, my husband ordered T25 sometime during  April-May 2014. And that was game changing for us.

I had done T25 as my first beach body workout. Loved that workout with Shaun T. I could feel the change in my energy level . But since I was not very clear on what to eat, when to eat and more importantly, how to be motivated enough to get through the program without injuring myself, I somehow ended up doing 60 days program in almost 120 day! So the results were not so visible. Although it improved my fitness levels, there was lack of discipline and proper guidance.

After that in August 2014, I got to join the boot camp under Coach Leah and Jason, with a wonderful group of (riders and runners) ladies, as one of the birthday gifts from my husband! He was already a part of one of  Leah’s online fitness groups. His result has been so amazing. So he pulled me in the mission of getting fit with him.

Joining boot camp, literally changed my life and I am not exaggerating a bit by saying that. The biggest benefit of  joining boot camp was the healthy changes that I have made in my lifestyle.  I am so grateful to Leah for that. Having her as the Coach has brought many positive improvements in our life.

I have experienced great amount of support and motivation  from fellow group members and coach during the boot camp-and after that in my fitness group. It gets me going through the regular workout routine! I get to learn so much about  how to maintain a better and  healthy food habits for me and my family. Not to mention the precious, lifelong friendship with the fitness group members!

I did Brazil butt lift, (a 60 days program) during boot camp. It’s a low impact program to basically to tone lower body.  I completed that in nearly 70 days. I lost 10 LBS and 6 inches all over my body. My butt and legs are in better shape now. My face looks thinner(which apparently gives a younger look! 😉 ) I have a better posture when I walk!

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Apart from the visible changes, I feel healthier, more energetic and my concentration has improved quite a bit! Eventually working out has become a stress buster for me. It boosts my mood and helps me think straight!

I have still not achieved my target. I am still working on getting into better shape. My next program will be Piyo and am so excited about it.

If Vidhi’s husband’s name sounds familiar it is because he was our featured transformation story in August 2014  . You can check out his story HERE.

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