I have actually know Rebecca for several years (a rare treat when you are a virtual fitness trainer and coach) so it was so much fun to have her in Boot Camp. She brought a powerhouse energy that was never lacking. I am so excited to share her transformation story!

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Rebecca B., in her own words:

I have always been the “fat” sister, friend, etc.  I have tried every fad diet out there, only to fail miserably.  After having two kids in 18 months, my body was a mess.  After attempting, yet again, to tackle this on my own, I joined the Rider/Runner Boot Camp in August and chose T25 as my program.  Accountability for me is HUGE, I need the push without feeling bullied.  The boot camp was just what the Dr ordered.  With the help of my new found peers and Coach Leah I stuck with it.  At the end of the 10 weeks, while the scale did not move, I lost a full inch in each calf and two inches in my waist.  When I started I wore a size 12 jean and now, I am a happy size 8!  Last week I slipped into a size 6 evening dress for a wedding and felt so unbelievably good!  As a rider, I have always had to buy a “wide calf” boot and have never been able to wear the tall boots in todays street fashion.  Now, the zippers on my riding boots glide up with ease and I can fit my entire arm up to my wrist down in them!  The boots in the “after” photo would not zip up 3 months ago, now I can wear them with my favorite skinny jeans and not feel squeezed in the slightest!!  I still have more progress to make, but I am so excited with the changes I am seeing that I can’t wait to work out each night!

Rebecca B Transformation

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  1. Kylie

    Wow, great job, Rebecca! 🙂

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