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This month features the Team Transformation of Leanne B. I love Leanne’s story because she is such an inspiration to new mommy’s who are struggling to juggle babies, husbands and fitness. Leanne brings energy and joy every day into our team accountability group. I know the light of my life is just little brighter since Leanne joined our team.

Leanne B., in her own words:

My fitness journey starts off like a lot of other mothers’ journeys. I had just had my second son, and was anxiously waiting to be cleared to work out again. I felt absolutely horrible about my body. With my first child for some reason I didn’t worry about getting back into shape, I thought it would happen naturally. Though it was not as bad the first time, I had never gotten back down to my pre-pregnancy weight because I knew I was going to have another one soon. After Bentley was born, I knew it was time to get back into shape and rebuild my confidence-not just for me, but also for my boys’ to see a happy, positive confident mom.

               I was up at 3 a.m. feeding Bentley and an infomercial came on. It was for Focus T25, and what caught my attention was the fact that it was 25 minutes. I knew I would be able to handle that during nap times, so I talked to my husband. Even though he thought that I wouldn’t stick with it (he wasn’t the only one, I had my doubts as well), we decided to order it.

I have never looked back. I knew this was my shot.

I do not have time to go to the gym everyday, and this gave me the opportunity to work out every single day in a fun way. And stay at home. It was a perfect fit. The weight just started falling off.  I was absolutely loving the results and that kept me going. I also had wonderful support from the Beachbody forums and Coach Leah, who always kept me pressing play and helping me with any problems. 

The energy that I began to have was incredible. I wasn’t tired all day every day anymore. I enrolled back in school and was flying through my assignments, and really got into a healthy schedule for my family and myself. It may sound really cliché to say that T25 changed my life, but it did. I would have never had the willpower and the life changes that I did without it. I would still be doing the bare minimum that I had to do to get through the day. I am now not only showing my children a positive, healthy lifestyle, but I am working on becoming the best possible version of myself everyday. That feels pretty darn good!

I am now moving on to P90X3, and cannot wait to see what results that this program will give me. I am never going back, and plan to be making fitness a vital part of my life from now on. Thirteen pounds of gross, depressing fat are gone, and about 17”. I never plan to see them again! So press play, and rely on others around you. I promise that you will see results and most definitely feel them. There’s nothing else to lose but some weight! 

Leanne B Before
Leanne B. Before Focus T25


Leanne B After Focus T25
Leanne B After Focus T25



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