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Himanshu joined our fitness team at early is in his renewed commitment to fitness, and he has NOT slowed down since! you know what is even BETTER? He QUIT smoking! How is that for some amazing inspiration!
Himanshu is a daily motivator and inspiration to all of our fitness team members and I am honored to have been able to experience his transformation. SO without further delay…

Himanshu M., in his own words:

I will not lie – I do not like working out. And it showed. I was never thin, but I could still eat all I wanted without putting on noticeable weight. I realize now that putting on weight is a geometric curve. Starts slowly at first and then starts building really fast. I went from about 82-83 kgs to 90 (180-198 lbs) pretty slowly. But from 90 to 100 (198-220 lbs) was a lot quicker. Over the last couple of years, I started realizing my body reacts to food differently. I had very regular heart burns, was perpetually bloated and I couldn’t digest food at the same rate. So I started skimping on food… but it was lunch and dinner that was being ignored, and not the perpetual snacking in between that I was so used to.
I have of course worked out before. When I had gone up to 87 kgs (191 lbs) I started going to gym, and starting pumping weights – cardio was just so boring. I ended up being very surprised that I didn’t lose any weight. Shows how little I knew. Then, I fell out of habit, and then when I reached 97 kgs(213 lbs), about 3 years back, I realized I had to do something about it. So I went on a war-path-with my food. I cut down on snacking and deserts, but I under-ate severely. For exercising all I did was jog (well, walk fast mostly since I was too unfit to actually jog. But I nonetheless told everyone I jogged as an exercise, because saying I “walked” sounded lame). I did end up losing 5 kgs(11 lbs), but gosh it was tough. Eventually, when monsoons hit, and my jogs (walks) stopped, my work travel increased. Then I moved to US, and travel increased all the more.  I was having all these wonderful kraft beers, and delicious deserts and soon enough I breached 100 kgs (220lbs). I felt a lot heavier than that though.
Then I saw this T25 infomercial. Since it was at home and didn’t require any equipment-and it was only 25 minutes-I thought,  “What’s there to lose?”  When I started T25,I could last all of 5 minutes before I had to stop. My heart just couldn’t take it. It was embarrassing.
From then on, I followed Shaun T’s advice: Do the best you can. Till the end of it, I did not nail any workout 100%. Well-except Stretch. And Speed 1.0.
Food-wise, it was a little difficult. More so because of the fact I travelled quite a bit and had to eat out a lot. But I ate healthy as much as I could, without getting too fussy about it and depressed every time I couldn’t eat as healthy as I wanted. More importantly, I made sure I stayed at the calorie target my coach had advised. I also kept it as clean as possible. Grilled chicken, instead of fried. Lentil soup instead of French fries. Chipotle instead of McDonalds. 
Far quicker than expected, I started losing weight-which motivated me to keep up with the T25 program. When I had questions about food, form, or was panicking about missing a day in between, I was interacting with all the wonderful folks on beach body forums and my coach’s facebook page and I kept getting the push I needed. 
In the end, not only did I lose weight, I have gained a lot of strength as well – which just didn’t happen when I was jogging (walking) as an exercise. Controlling eating is much easier. I still have Oreos and Pita chips at home, but I don’t feel compelled to snack all the time. I have a dessert every now and then. I do eat out as well, but it’s no longer ice-cream everyday and giant portions from buffets. And I exercise. I don’t think I will ever be someone who will look forward to exercising, but I genuinely feel like I have missed out on something if I do not work out. I am also very eager to go through my next program and see what kind of response I get to that. A six-pack, maybe? And oh, another thing. I am smoke free since I started T25 three months ago. That itself is a humongous win. 



Himanshu M. Square

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