Heather was one of my most reluctant boot campers ever, but you would NEVER know it now. Check out the Transformation Story of Heather W., in her own words:

Good to the Core!
Heather Wilkerson, MSW, LCSW

Several months ago, I joined The Athletic Fit Club boot camp with Leah Hinnefeld. I could never have predicted or known the results I have reaped. First thing is that she continued to follow and link the group members even after the boot camp was over. Once you complete the 21 days, 6 or 8-week camps, you are done. There isn’t any follow up. You are left to your own devices. I did one of these, fell off of the wagon and then found The Athletic Fit Club.

As a rider, I was excited that my potential coach would be a rider as well. She would know the “barn” life. There was even a discussion about how riders consider their daily chores a workout. I did that. My daily chore workouts weren’t getting me anywhere. Well, they were getting me places I didn’t want to be. I needed more. I needed a fitness routine and nutrition ideas.

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I am an (budding) endurance rider who rides for long hours at a time and camps in places where restaurants and grocery stores are not available. I needed food ideas. When I started, I saved my riding weekends to binge on bad food. That didn’t last very long. Food I used to enjoy like bread just isn’t the same. By implementing clean eating, my palate and cravings have changed.

After many 25-30 mile rides or even short ones, my lower back would be screaming. I can tell you that several times a day, I check in with my core and amazed at how strong it feels. I have NO pain!

Having this core strength to support my back and assist me in being a lighter rider for my horse is crucial for my 50-mile goal in 2016. Every workout, ride, meal is one step closer to that 50.

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The boot camp also helped me realize how I thought and allowed joint pain to hold me back.  What I didn’t know until then is that, for me, joint pain was because my joints weren’t strong and they were inflexible.    

Yoga especially hot yoga is part of my “must haves” in life like being in the woods with my horse.  I MUST get away with them at least one time per week.  Yoga helps me with all strength, flexibility and control, which are all necessary for riding. 

It has taken me years to get to this point.  I’ve always been fit and comparatively strong, but I have an increased awareness and gratitude about where I am today and where I’m headed.

It all started with a phone call between Leah and myself where I listed off all of my excuses and she told me what I WAS going to do.  It is one of the most influential days of my life. 

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