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Words simply can’t describe what a JOY it has been to know Corrinne and have her in Boot Camp. She was an inspiration to everyone within her reach for not 30 or 60 but 90 days! She has developed such a commitment to rider fitness that she has joined our “stable” of Athletic Riders and will now pay it forward to help others get fit to ride better.

Corrinne S., in her own words:

My life has been forever changed since the day I was scrolling through Facebook and stumbled upon Leah’s Athletic Rider Boot Camp. I had been struggling in my dressage riding because I lacked the core strength to sit the movement of my big warmblood’s gaits. I was having trouble getting the half halts to come through and as I rode past the mirrors in the arena, I was embarrassed to see myself on the horse. Dressage riders are lean, athletic powerhouses and I looked like a frumpy, ineffective rider. I couldn’t fit into my breeches or tall boots anymore. Here I had saved up for a few years and dropped thousands of dollars on an exceptionally talented young warmblood gelding who I planned on bringing along to Grand Prix. I was NOT doing my part to help this horse develop. Here was my lifelong dream, hard work, and life savings staring me right in the face and I was unable to get it done. I was depressed and felt like a total failure.

When I first talked to Leah, I asked about the P90X3 challenge pack and thought it sounded too pricey. I almost said “Oh, I will wait until the next boot camp and maybe I will have more money then.” I can tell you that this is the best money I have ever spent! What I took from the challenge group was priceless. I have met amazing people from all over the country. Checking in with them every day made me stick with the program for a total 90 days! Without Leah and her boot camp, I would have started the program and then given up after about the second or third week. Yes it was hard but I could not let my team down. I had to push through. I thought of all of my boot camp peers doing the hard work along with me and I knew I was in good company. The superfood smoothie included in the boot camp package cost about the same amount I was spending every morning at Dunkin Donuts® on the way to work. I told myself to give up the fast food breakfast in order to afford my shake. Starting my day with my whole food smoothie (instead of Dunkin Donuts®) helped me to avoid cravings throughout the day and was another daily reminder that I was committed to this challenge. 

I noticed results toward the end of the first month! I put on my riding pants and boots that I had grown out of and I rode my gelding past the mirrors, looking over and noticing how much skinnier my legs were and how much taller and upright I was in the saddle because I had some core muscle! My arms also showed definition and my face and neck were thinner. I thought, “this is amazing!”  I could carry water buckets and handle hay bales with greater ease. I could squat down and pick things up with greater range of motion. I had energy and practically skipped and danced everywhere I went because I felt so good! People told me that I looked thinner on a daily basis. 90 days later, I am proud of myself for sticking to this and getting it done. I owe my success to that first conversation I had with Coach Leah and all of the motivation she has given me ever since! To anyone who wants to embark on this journey, DO IT! You will amaze yourself and the people around you. The days go by so fast, you will be fit before you know it! 

Riding forward, I am committed to a lifelong goal of fitness and self-improvement. I will get that horse to the Grand Prix dressage level with my newly found motivation, self-confidence, and courage to succeed! I am taking control of my life and my goals and striding forward at a gallop. This won’t be the last transformation story from me. I am doing a Clean and Lean in 14 Day Challenge with Leah and another 60 day boot camp with Leah doing PiYo. Stayed tuned to see more pictures of my transformation and look for me and my horse in the competition arena, we will be the ones with the gorgeous muscles and The Athletic Rider logo on our saddle pad! 

 Corrine S.

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