Carrera joined the Athletic Rider Fitness Boot Camp with a specific performance goal in mind: She had an upcoming competition on her schedule and wanted to be in peak rider performance when that day arrived. Check out her sports specific transformation.

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Carrera C., in her own words:

When I decided to join boot camp in July 2014 in order to improve my rider fitness, I had no idea how life changing it would be.  At the beginning of this year I made a goal to compete in the GAIG/SWDC Region 9 Championships at First Level.  I started riding and showing consistently in January and got my qualifying scores in April.  My riding was “okay” but not where it could be.  I was tired of being out of breath after a long canter session, my posture was horrible and sitting trot was almost impossible. 

My horse, a 22 year old welsh/TB mare named Paisley, was an absolute saint and put up with my bad riding every day.  I was riding 5 times a week and taking lessons 3 times a week with  USDF Silver Medalist trainer Danielle Meyers but my scores were always coming back in the low 60’s.  I knew in order to be competitive in a large 25 plus championship class I had to make a change and this time it was not my horse or trainer or saddle that needed to change, it was ME!

I started looking around at different programs.  I have never been a fan of going to the gym so when I saw an ad on Facebook for The Athletic Rider I thought it sounded interesting.  From the very first phone call with Leah, I knew I made the right choice.  Not only was she super energetic and full of information she was a horse person too!  She knew what workouts I needed to improve my core and rider fitness.  I started with Piyo and fell in love with Chalene Johnson’s coaching style.  She was just the right amount of positive and pushy to get the job done.  The workout is low impact but boy is it tough.

I noticed improvements in my riding in the first 4 weeks.  My trainer noticed too and she had no idea I had started a workout program.  By the 8th and final week of boot camp the changes I felt in the saddle were so drastic that I never want to go back to riding without staying in shape.  Instead of “holding” my self in a position, I was actually using my core for half halts, transitions and lateral work.  I could go a whole lesson without getting tired and I was not sore after a long canter session.  The changes transferred into the show ring.  I started scoring in the high 60’s,  got 8’s on rider position and received numerous positive comments from judges about horse and rider harmony.

Finally in October, I went to regionals and placed 8th in my First level AA championship class against 26 horses.  When I went into the awards ceremony, my little back yard 14 hand welsh mare pony looked so small against the swanky warmbloods but I was so proud.  Did I mention she is 22?  It was because of The Athletic Rider Boot Camp that I was able to ride my horse in such a way that made her competitive with horses half her age and win over horses that moved a lot nicer than she did.

Carrera C.

This program is successful because of the support from Coach Leah and the other boot camp members.  I have done programs before and followed the schedule that comes with the DVDs but the daily check ins and accountability that comes with The Athletic Rider is what makes this program different from the others out there.  I have never met the other boot campers but they have been so helpful during my journey that they have quickly become close friends.  Now working out is a habit.  I want to work out because I have seen the changes in the saddle and I don’t want to go back to the so called “riding” I was doing before.  I am continuing my fitness journey by doing P90x3 and setting my goal to compete in the US Dressage Finals next year in Kentucky.    We all had different “whys” as to why we started but in the end our goal was the same.  We all wanted better fitness and better nutrition and we found that through The Athletic Rider.  

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