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Tomorrow morning I begin day 1 of a 21 Day Total Body TRANSFORMATION, and I could not be more excited about it. I will be joining a team of 14 Team Beachbody coaches who have committed to taking clean eating and healthy living to the next level. The name of the program is the Ultimate Reset, and the name of the game is a healthy whole food detoxification. The Ultimate Reset is not a fast. The Ultimate Reset is a 21 Day program that gradually reduces, then eliminates, food groups known to create more demands on our digestive systems. The daily menu of whole foods and herbs is supplemented by products that first alkalize, then detoxify, and finally restore the digestive system.

Once the program is complete, we will each slowly reintroduce foods to determine which food groups, if any, contribute to issues like sinus reactions, digestive distress or disrupted sleep. By first eliminating then reintroducing specific food groups, we can determine which foods hinder our individual bodies- and which foods help.

The physical benefits that participants experience with an annual reset include a stronger immune system, increased energy and endurance, better digestion, improved metabolism and weight loss. Many people have lower blood pressure, reduced bad cholesterol and overall reduced body inflammation. Mental benefits include a positive mood and better mental clarity.

Even though the body is incredibly resilient, modern lifestyle has pressed on the boundaries of this resiliency with constant exposure to chemicals, pollution, preservatives and toxins. Long term exposure to these harmful elements produces a strain on our internal organs and bodily functions. When our body is strained, it exposes us to a weakened immune system, decreased metabolic function, and other imbalances that can create further health issues. The Ultimate Reset is a demanding but rewarding program that will allow you to either jumpstart your health for the first time or reset your system after getting a bit off course.

Would you like to learn more about the Ultimate Reset? Just fill out the CONTACT form so we can schedule a free consultation to determine if now is the perfect time for you to reset your body and experience the healthy ride of your life. In the meantime, bookmark my site so you can check in over the next 21 days for updates to see how our team is doing.

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