Riding Instructors, Trainer, Coaches…how would you like to be able to do your job better and easier? I thought so! Gather round and let me explain how the Athletic Rider has an important tool that you need to help your students and customers ride and perform better.

Have you ever had to remind a student to turn her toes forward or put her heels down? Maybe she has a habit of thrusting her head forward, rounding her upper back or hollowing her lower back.

Riding Coach

Sometimes these issues are indeed riding issues and take your guidance and instruction to help the rider improve. BUT sometimes these issues are postural issues created by muscle imbalances and require a corrective exercise program to improve.

Now let’s take this a step further. What if you rider gets left behind at a jump, has trouble sitting the trot or struggles to keep her lower leg from swinging? Perhaps she gets winded on course, during a test or in the last few miles of a trail ride. While riding can help improve some strength, flexibility or cardiorespiratory challenges, most riders will ride better when they invest in a program than works on these issues while off of the horse. When a rider fitness program is combined with the sport specific drills that you provide in lessons, riders will have a well-rounded, individually designed program that complements her entire effort at riding.

The Athletic Rider is now offering basic postural and more advanced sports performance assessments for riders of all levels so we can work together to determine if your rider has any muscular imbalances that need to be addressed in between her time on the horse. During this assessment we can also determine what kind of fitness program she needs to help her reach her riding goals in a safe and effective manner.

If you are in the Atlanta, GA area, I will come to your farm for a day and assess riders live. If you are not in the area, we can arrange for virtual assessments using FaceTime, Zoom or YouTube. 

Since April 2014, The Athletic Rider has coached almost 2000 riders to improve health, wellness and rider fitness. Let’s work together to make sure your riders are at the peak performance for whatever riding they will be doing this year.

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