Any rider who has been in one of my boot camps or whole food challenges knows I am all about getting my nutrition from the cleanest, more natural foods that I can find. As an athlete, I am also aware that sometimes the nutrition from even the best whole foods may not be enough for the nutrition that I need. The same can be said for someone who is trying to lose weight before focusing on sports performance. Living in a calorie deficit (as one does when she is trying to lose weights) for an extended period of time can deprive a body of much needed nutrients. Sometimes you just have to supplement what you eat each day.

Armed with this information, I am always on the lookout for products to help riders-the very same riders who will weigh and balance micronutrients, fat content and electrolytes for their beloved horses-supplement a primary whole food based diet (if needed).  After all, riding IS a sport and therefore requires that a rider gives the same attention to performance nutrition whether she is saddling up for the pleasure trail or the show ring. This is especially true for riders investing energy in a cross training program designed to compliment her riding program.

The bottom line is many riders should consider supplementing a diet of good clean nutrition with a quality product when participating in a cross training program designed to achieve any goal from weight loss to increased sports performance.

Recently the Beachbody Company (the very same company that creates the most popular fitness programs used in my boot camps) released a line of performance supplements that, quite honestly, blow my chaps off. I love getting all geeked out researching the quality of different products and comparing new products to the products I currently use. It really gears me up when a company that I trust and have chosen to affiliate with takes performance nutrition to a level that allows me to turn up the volume on my own fitness and the fitness of those I coach. Over the next several weeks, I am going to break down the science and rationale behind each of the new products in hopes to help riders determine which (if any) of the products would benefit a well designed rider fitness and nutrition program. 


Before we delve into the details of each of the 5 new products, I wanted to share some general information about the Performance Line as a whole. There is an entire hour long webinar available for my fellow geeks who want all the details-but for those trying to get the most information while leaving time for the barn, I wanted to share the main reasons why I was decided whether to incorporate the Performance Line into my performance nutrition program:

  • The new performance line was designed by Harvard trained scientists who combined the latest cutting-edge physiology and nutrition science with the most effective performance-boosting ingredients from nature. The scientists relied not only on peer-reviewed research but also athlete input.  This is a big deal to me! I like to know that someone bigger, better, stronger and faster than I am has tried the products and found them to work successfully!
  • The review board included Beachbody’s Scientific Advisory Board and top international experts in sports nutrition, research and safety.  While I trust the products created by Beachbody, it makes me even more confident that they sought outside consultation and review to ensure the product had unbiased feedback.
  • The key ingredients in each of the formulas have been tested and proven to help enhance performance and recovery.  With so many shakes and supplements on the market making over the top claims, I feel assured knowing that Beachbody invested in the testing of the products before releasing them,
  • The formulas target different needs from increasing energy before a workout to helping reduce muscle soreness after a workout.  As someone who needs to be able to “turn on” for a workout and recover quickly to carry on with my farm day, these two factors are the most important for my lifestyle.
  • The formulas do not contain any artificial colors, artificial flavors, artificial sweeteners or preservatives.  If you have spent ANY time on my website or in my whole food challenges. you already know what this means to me!
  • The formulas do no contain ANY high-risk or unproven ingredients.  The importance and value of this last point goes without saying in my book-I would never use or recommend a product otherwise!

SO now, that we have an idea why I am so excited about the products…who exactly are they for? Believe it or not they have been designed to benefit anyone from the fitness beginner to high end athlete. The system is so well designed that someone who is overwhelmed by all of the product choices on the market can find recommendations from a website designed just to help with product selection! Of course you can always contact me if you need some direction. 

The new Beachbody Performance Line is the real deal people!
I am just so excited to be able to provide this nutrition solution to my athletic riders.

If you would be interested in a 45 minutes detailed video on the product development or would like a free email consult to determine which Performance Line products would benefit your rider fitness program, please CONTACT ME!

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