The second product in the Beachbody Performance Line is HYDRATE. Hydrate is a citrus cooler flavored supplement designed to be consumed during exercise to prevent dehydration and replace lost electrolytes. I like to think of it as the “Finally! A healthy Gatorade” supplement.


Hydrate works by helping the┬ábody maintain its own fluid balance to prevent an athlete from “hitting the wall.” When you are working out for long periods of time with intense exercise, water alone is not enough to prevent hydration. Intense exercise requires replenishment of sugar+electrolytes in the correct ratio and form. Consuming Hydrate during those intense sessions will help improve performance, reduce fatigue and reduce cramping.

To learn more about Hydrate, check out this short video from its creator, Dr Nima Alamdari:

Please CONTACT ME if you would like to discuss HYDRATE in detail and learn if this product would be a benefit to your Rider Fitness cross training program.

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