Holiday Thrive

People always talk about how to SURVIVE the HOLIDAYS.

But what if…


You could join a group of like-minded riders who were interested in not just surviving but TAKING 5 Minutes a day to thrive during the Holidays?


The Athletic Rider is inviting you to a 30-DAY HOLIDAY TAKE 5 (Minutes) ACCOUNTABILITY GROUP.  

For just $1 a Day, The Holiday Take 5 Boot Camp includes includes:

A Daily Holiday Fitness or Nutrition Tip
A Daily Mini Workout that Takes 5 Minutes or less
Group Accountability with a herd of athletic riders

The group will take place in the Athletic Rider Holiday Take 5 private Facebook group.
Fill out the form below to complete your registration and make sure to send a friend request to Leah Hinnefeld.
I will add you to the group once you are registered.

Horse and Ball in Snow

Come on and get moving this Holiday Season!

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