As you learned in 3 Steps to Becoming a Badass Equestrian, being a badass equestrian is ultimately about being a badass leader. Once you nail that, you can be a badass rider, a badass coach and a badass you. Where do you start?

Step One is to Focus On Mastery not Performance.

What the heck does that mean? 

When you show up with a focus on mastery orientation, you show up with the desire to keep growing and developing so you can be the very best that you can be. You focus on gaining and honing your skills as a rider or a coach, rather than focusing on the results of your effort. Don’t get me wrong, results are valuable feedback, but focusing on the results as the goal blurs the ability to live in the moment and learn from each experience.

A mastery focus results in a better attitude and increased energy.

Remember when you focus on the outcome (the performance and its results), your sense of self worth gets all tied up in that outcome. Focus on mastery (the skills) and your sense of worth will skyrocket!

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