The first product in the Beachbody Performance Line is ENERGIZE. Energize is a Lemon Spark flavored, pre-workout supplement that is designed to help sharpen focus, allow you to push harder and last longer during your workout. It gives you a safe boost of energy that improves performance, promotes recovery and delays muscle fatigue. I have used Energize several times on my long runs and when weight lifting.  I can tell you this-the stuff WORKS. I have had my best times on my long runs and best performances during my strength training workouts. I don’t think I would use this one for yoga. *wink*


The primary ingredients in ENERGIZE are:

  • Beta-Alanine-a natural amino acid that helps buffer lactic acid buildup which delays onset of muscle fatigue,
  • Low-Dose Caffeine-derived from a natural source of green tea that allows enhanced performance without the jitters and other negative side effects of higher doses of caffeine,
  • Quercetin-a phytonutrient that improves performance and reduces fatigue.

To learn about the product in more detail,
please take a look at the video below from the creator, Dr Nima Alamdari:

Please CONTACT ME if you would like information on how to incorporate ENERGIZE into your Rider Fitness program.

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