Goal Setting from the Backyard Ride to the next Competition. Horse Show Stress. Equestrian Sports Performance Anxiety. Balancing Work, Family and Farm. Finding your “Act 2” after the loss of a marriage. Finding purpose after the kids leave the nest or the foals leave the foaling stall. You name it and a horse lover you know is facing it. The horse lover might even be you.


Sometimes being a horse gal is challenging. Sometimes the lifestyle we want and love can get harder and harder to enjoy. Sometimes it can be downright difficult. It is in these moments that having a coach for YOU can be the game changer between designing a life you love and galloping far and fast from the dream farm you feel you can no longer face. Heck you may have not even discovered what that dream life IS!

I get it. I have lived it. I live it now! As a life long rider who has juggled everything from owning horses and attending law school to owning horses and operating a successful business, I get it. I get YOU. And now I am negotiating the waters of a new blended family on top of the farm life I just seemed to have figured out! 


The Athletic Rider has been helping riders get fit to ride better since early 2014. As much as I have celebrated the success that riders achieved in my boot camps, I still felt there was a missing ingredient to really make lifelong sustainable change for many of them. The missing ingredient that helps riders set and reach goals that go beyond the scale. That ingredient that helps riders find direction in their own profession, career or passion. The missing ingredient that helps riders create balance in a life that seems lopsided and best. That missing ingredient is coaching riders to finding solutions to obstacles that seem to block that trail of life, joy and ultimate fulfillment.

Once I realized that riders needed more and I could offer more, I set out to find the best skill set to coach riders who were facing blocks in their own personal and/or professional development. I found that training at the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC). 

Starting now, the Athletic Rider is offering one-on-one coaching for riders who want to be unstoppable-in the ring and in life. Contact me for details.

To learn more about what coaching is, check out “What Is a Coach?”

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