Have you ever wondering why I talk about my weekly runs so often on a page about being an Athletic Rider?

Or better said…

 SHOULD riders include cardiorespiratory training in their rider fitness program design?


Not only is cardiorespiratory training necessary for basic health and wellness (whether your goals is weight loss or weight gain), but it will also contribute to overall improved sports performance. Cardio-training is also essential to reduce fatigue while participating in any athletic activity. So your performance and your basic safety depend on it-especially when your athletic activity includes climbing on top of a 1000-2000 lb animal!

Cardiorespiratory Training for Riders

Incorporating running, biking, swimming or walking (note: not moseying) will also decrease mental anxiety-and that is a GREAT thing when you are pushing yourself to the limits in your riding arena or in the show arena. Or when simply working with your basic punk named Hugo (I really do love him so!)

I know after I run, I think more clearly, and I am more level-headed. I am just a nicer person to be around! I am also less stressed when one of my punks….er, I mean geldings….decides to challenge my leadership during our time together. I remain focused, firm and fair.

How much time should you invest on the road, on the trail or in the pool? 

Recommendations for general health are 150 minutes per week of moderate intensity or 75 mintues of high intensity cardio training per week.

SO next time you want to skip your morning run, remember that your horse will absolutely appreciate your investment in your cardiorespiratory training.

Would you like some support if you are new to cardio training? Join the Athletic Rider Fit Club! It is always free (though we do offer some inexpensive alternatives for those wanting a little more fitness direction) and each month we go miles for money for charity!

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