The answer may surprise you! I know you can look on the registration link and learn that Boot Camp is 30 days and you get a fitness part and a nutrition part and a group and prizes are awarded…but is that what Boot Camp is-REALLY?

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The longer I host boot camps and the longer I coach riders through a fitness program, the more I am convinced that the Athletic Rider Fitness Boot Camp is not just a tool to help riders get fit to ride better. Sure there ARE very talented riders who have a competitive edge that are simply looking to up their game-and trust me, that happens in about every Boot Camp. But that is not the entire story…

Boot Camp is an environment that helps riders get fit to LIVE better.

Amazing things happen behind the barn doors of a secret Athletic Rider Facebook group. Relationships are created-not short term 30 day kind of relationships-but relationships that grow into friendships that often become a lifelong support system. A support system for all those challenges in life. After Boot Camp, some graduates lose jobs and some find them. Family members of graduates face challenges. Horses who are beloved partners cross over the rainbow bridge. Through each of these heart wrenching events (and more), there is this incredible group of selfless women who reach out a cyber hand and lean in with a cyber shoulder. For at least a moment, you can almost feel the supportive touch of someone who bridges the cold strokes of a distant keyboard.


Other things go on in boot camp that might be best left behind those secret barn doors (you know who you are Team Shenanigan). However for the most part, the changes that happen can’t-and shouldn’t-be contained inside. Countless selfies full of smiles and flexes tell big stories that deserve to go public! Belts need more holes, pants fall down, and sizes not seen in years are revealed in a new pair of jeans. Self esteem has less holes, confidence goes up and number sometimes never seen are recorded in selfie-videos of pushups and pull-ups. 

Every so often, I come across a grad who is just like me-she loves Boot Camp and never wants to leave. I have completed 20 Boot Camps so far and have no intention of letting up! When a graduate makes the bold decision to join Team Dark Horse and pay fitness and health forward by creating her own Boot Camps, the magic happens all over again. As a team we can each reach more and more people from all different backgrounds and with all different goals.

I started the Athletic Rider with the vision to help riders get fit to ride better. While maintaining that laser focused vision, I often reflect on how much more I have received than I give. I am blessed with the raw joy of being surrounded by ladies who made a decision to change, committed to the process and have success stories that each will cherish for a lifetime. 

So there you have it…what Boot Camp is. Really.

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