Do you want to become
A totally BADASS Rider?
A Badass Riding Instructor?
A Badass Riding Coach?
Just a Badass in general?*

First and foremost, you have to become a BADASS LEADER! 

Before you get all freaked out thinking you this whole badass leader thing doesn’t apply to you, let me explain…

It’s quite simple-you already ARE a leader. You may just not realize what kind of leader you are, but have no doubt-you ARE a LEADER! It’s true! Equestrians are leaders. Riding Instructors are leaders. Riding Coaches are leaders. If you are breathing, you are in fact a leader.  Sometimes people can get all caught up in the words,  but all we are talking about is how you show up to a situation.

What attitude you bring to an event or task? When you think of being a leader as simply being someone who influences others with his or her presence and attitude, it starts to make more sense. 

Now that you are on the trail to accepting that you are a leader of some sort,  the question only becomes:

How well are you leading (influencing) yourself and those around you?  

Soak on that for a moment.

How are you showing up each moment of each day? 

If you think you have a little room to improve in your self leadership and leadership of others (Hello! Don’t we all?), then check out these 3 simple (but not always easy) steps to becoming a super Badass version of you, the Equestrian Energy Leader!

Can’t wait for the breakdown? Simply click on the links below!

1. Focus on MASTERY not Performance
2. Connect to Your Spiritual Influencer
3. Align with Your Core Values

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