What happens after you Focus on Mastery and Connect with your Spiritual Influencer?

You Align With Your Core Values!

Your values are the principles that you live by. They are the product of all the experiences that you have ever had in life. They are also influenced (but not defined) by your family, religion, community and surroundings. When you are not in alignment with your core values, the energy is literally drained from your life. Imagine if your one of your core values is family but your work keeps you away from home all week long? What if you value honesty, but you are boarding in an environment where lies are a way of communication? 

How do you know when you are in alignment with your values? It is so easy! You are in alignment when things are going well for you! If you have hit a rough patch in your riding or somewhere else in your life, chances are you are not living in alignment with one or more of your core values.

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