I have been involved in fitness my entire life. From a summer league/high school swimmer to recreational runner, from a former step aerobics junkie to a crazy horse girl, and from a reformed gym rat to an avid home fitness athlete, there has never been a time in my life when I have not been active. 

After moving to my farm in 1997, I became increasingly challenged in finding ways to maintain my level of fitness while balancing the demands of owning a farm, raising and developing young horses, showing the mature ones AND operating a family-owned business. In 2008, a friend introduced me to the game changer in not only my physical fitness, but eventually a stepping stone for increasing my financial fitness.

In December 2008, I purchased a fitness program called P90X. P90X was created by Tony Horton in conjunction with the leader in home fitness programs, Beachbody, LLC. I completed the program (on schedule in 90 days) on March 28, 2009-the same day my dad suffered a major stroke. I have since looked back several times and thought how ironic it was that the day I celebrated my biggest fitness victory to date would turn into the biggest turning point in my life and my family as a whole. 

Over the next 5 years, I went on to complete over 20 Beachbody programs. Outside of running and riding, the Beachbody fitness programs have been by sole source of fitness. Somewhere around 2012, my mother also became infected with the “Beachbody bug” and started her golden years of fitness with a program called Slim in 6. You can read about Brenda’s story HERE. Trust me, if she doesn’t inspire you to get moving, I don’t know who can. I didn’t realize it at the time, but my mom was my first success story as a Beachbody coach-and it happened two years before I even considering coaching as business!

In 2013, I joined Team Beachbody as an Independent Team Beachbody Coach. In 2014 I created the Athletic Rider as a resource for riders to learn how to get fit to ride better and a community for riders to implement what they learn by committing to a fitness program.* In order to provide professional and excellent service, I became a personal trainer certified with the National Academy of Sports Medicine, a certified Performance Enhancement Specialist, a certified nutrition coach with Precision Nutrition and am completing my coaching certification with the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching.

I continue to personally “vet” each Beachbody program that is released to determine its suitability in the Athletic Rider’s stable of fitness programs. So far, I have not been disappointed!  While the Athletic Rider offers a variety of solutions for the horse lover wanting to improve rider fitness, the Beachbody programs remain at the top of my recommended list because of the workouts are efficient, effective, affordable and fun. My favorite and most successful trail for helping riders improve in their fitness and athleticism is through the Athletic Rider Fitness Boot Camp, where my primary fitness resource is Beachbody programs selected to improve your fitness level so you can reach your goals.

Team Dark Horse Header

In 2014 I also founded Team Dark Horse. Dark Horse has 2 components, the Dark Horse Riders and the Dark Horse Coaches.

Dark Horse Riders: When you purchase a Beachbody program through me (whether you join the Rider Fitness Boot Camp or not), you become a member of the Team Dark Horse Riders. As a Dark Horse member, you receive online coaching from me at no cost other than the purchase of your program. You will also be invited to join our private Facebook group for daily accountability and support. LEARN MORE.

Dark Horse Coaches: If you decide that you are interested in pursuing a career of helping others get fit so they can lead healthy and fulfilling lives, you can apply to be a Dark Horse Coach. You will be personally mentored by me and my team of experienced and successful Team Beachbody coaches so you can expand your personal fitness level from physical to include financial. LEARN MORE.

Some quick facts about Leah, The Athletic Rider and Team Dark Horse: 

During our first full year of operation, the Athletic Rider and Team Dark Horse has personally helped almost 350 people improve their fitness. This does not include the efforts of each coach in Team Dark Horse and our affiliate coaching teams. 

Of those 350 people, over 100 were riders who were given the fitness and nutrition solutions to get fit to ride better. 

Our coaching team is quickly approaching 200 coaches who are now committed to paying fitness and financial freedom forward.

During my first year as a coach, I was personally recognized three different times by the co-founder and CEO of Beachbody, Carl Daikeler. In September 2014, I was ranked 48 out of 237,000 Beachbody coaches for numbers of people I personally helped. In November 2014, I was ranked 4 out of 237,000. I completed the year ranked 5 out of the 237,000 coaches for the number of people I helped.

You can bet this is only the beginning!

*SPECIAL NOTE: While my focus is on helping riders, I do offer coaching to family members of riders, friends of riders, anyone who has every ridden a horse, touched a horse or knows what a horse is. So don’t let the name fool you, my passion is to help people get fit to live better. Being a rider just means we already have something in common!

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