If your extremities muscles (arms and legs) are strong and your core is weak, your movement will be inefficient. Not only will your performance will decline, but you will be at risk for injury. The key to creating a functionally fit core is the order of your program design.

Core Stability

Believe it or not just knocking out 100 crunches is not the starting point! All core training programs should be designed to start with core exercises that create something called “intervertebral stabilization.” What this means is you want to choose exercises that focus on creating stability from vertebrae to vertebrae. Planks and bridges are examples of core stabilization exercises.

After investing about 4 weeks in this phase of core training, it is time to move on to core strengthening. Your planks will progress to pushups, and your glute bridges will progress to crunches.

How long is your max hold time for a plank? Give it a try and post your time below!

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