that make you feel like you are hurdling obstacles
just to reach your goals?


So was I…until I tried out a program so brilliant and effective that I had to get certified as one of their professional nutrition coaches.

And now I am SO excited to bring you the same information that I use to coach my one-on-one Athletic Riders to better nutrition, fitness and performance.



The Athletic Rider Feed Room


The Feed Room is an Athletic Rider community of equestrians of all disciplines, riding levels, fitness levels,  shapes AND sizes that are ready to make a change.
One that lasts for good. Not just until the next human plate of sweet feed arrives.


What the Athletic Rider Feed Room is NOT:

  • The Feed Room is NOT another diet plan (who can stick to those meal plans anyway?)
  • The Feed Room is NOT another “get skinny quick” gimmick (sure you want to look good in the saddle but riding is not for scrawny little waifs)
  • The Feed Room does NOT require you to count calories or weigh every morsel you put in your mouth
  • The Feed Room does NOT have required foods or forbidden foods. I mean do you think I would promote something that forbids chocolate or red wine? If so, you need to follow me a little closer!


What the Athletic Rider Feed Room IS:

  • A simple, clear, step-by-step program that tells you exactly what to do and when to do it
  • Daily check-ins, learning, workouts, and accountability
  • An online program that lets you join us wherever and however you want. Miss a day or two because of riding, horse shows, or other farm demands? No problem. Cleaning stalls instead of sitting at your computer? Download our lesson podcast. In Australia, Canada, the UK, or New York City? That’s cool — drop in whenever you can. You do this on your schedule. (Which we know is a crazy busy one. Hello you are a horse girl!?!?!)
  • Small, do-able, essential habits that build over time, helping you integrate healthy behaviors smoothly and seamlessly
  • Care, support, and expert guidance from your coach, Leah Hinnefeld
  • A supportive group of riders who are all on the nutrition trail together
  • A program based on scientific research and the experiences of 20,000 other women (Seriously! Who has time for another eat only or never eat “this” gimmick?)
  • A whole year of self-discovery, personal growth, and time-tested habits that will slowly create a healthier, fitter, happier body and life than you thought possible.You are not alone!!! We are here with you! All the way. Ready to get started? We hope so!
I know what your next question is…
What. Is. The. Cost?


There are 3 levels of Membership:
  1. Basic is $30/month and you get daily lessons and support in our private Facebook group
  2. Advanced is $99/month and gets you everything in Basic, plus daily email responses from Leah
  3. Premium is $299/month and gets you everything in Advanced, plus one monthly 50 minute coach call with Leah

Are you ready to make a change?

Membership Options


Hay…if you are not ready today, that’s ok!

Think about it.  Come see us when you are ready!

The barn light is always on, and the stall door is always open!