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Are You As Fit As Your Horse?

Riders can often be consumed with equine fitness. Most of us want to do right by our riding partners so we provide the best stabling, nutrition and fitness that we can. Whether we are interested in show jumping or trail riding, I don’t know many riders who will dispute the benefits of having a horse in top physical shape. A junior rider might spend hours each week training the technical aspects of collecting or lengthening the horse’s stride in order to meet the jump at the perfect spot. An amateur dressage rider will repeat a shoulder in until a horse is able to release whatever muscle may be holding tension. An FEI endurance rider will keep a notebook of statistics on her horse’s heart rates, recovery times and carbohydrate intake. Because a stable body is connected to a stable mind, focusing on the horse’s physical fitness leads to a safer mount in a demanding show environment, while spending hours on a trail or simply enjoying a stroll through an open pasture.

Doesn’t Your Horse Deserve You To Be? 

Riding is a partnership, a sport of two and we will always be limited by the weakest link in that partnership. I don’t know about you, but I want to make sure I am carrying my weight so my horse doesn’t have to work as hard when he is carrying it for me.

When I focus on training (for my horse or myself), I make sure to invest time in each of the five foundation focuses of rider (and horse!) fitness: Core Stability (leading to Core Strength), Balance, Muscular Strength, Flexibility, and Cardiorespiratory Conditioning.

I hear some riders suggest that riding is a sport in itself so no additional training is needed. A worse misunderstanding is that a rider does not need to be fit because all she does is sit there (yikes). Neither could be further from the truth. There is an undeniable connection between a horse and rider-emotionally, mentally and physically. Oh yes, as he improves, I improve. But as I improve, he improves as well. Riding IS a sport that requires attention to cross-training so that each athlete in the partnership can improve performance while reducing the risk of injury.

No matter if you would like to lose weight, increase lean muscle mass or improve sports performance, the proven formula of the The Athletic Rider Fitness Camp remains the same:


Invest in your fitness and health. Your horse will thank you.




You and I will work together to select a fitness solution that meets YOUR needs and helps you achieve your personal goals. There are several fitness packages available for Boot Camp to make sure you feel challenged yet confident during your fitness experience. For a busy rider, one of the greatest benefits of Boot Camp is that it can be completed in your own home with minimal to no equipment. You won’t be wasting any time commuting to a gym then waiting around for weights and machines. Less time at the gym means more time at the barn!


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Premium Boot Camp Packages will include a nutrition guide that has been prepared by a team of nutritions and dietitians. Your Premium Package also includes a 30-day supply of pre-and post-workout supplements or an incredibly yummy nutritional power house made from clean whole foods resourced from fertile soils located around the world-no artificial ingredients whatsoever in this super-smoothie.


Support 1000x956.jpgWhen you join the 30 Day Rider Fitness Boot Camp, you will receive 1 on 1 support from me-a lifelong rider, horse owner and certified personal trainer. Together we will work toward your fitness and nutrition goals. You will also have access to a our private community of people just like you! You will be surrounded by riders who are committed to Get Fit To Ride Better. This multi-level support system is set up to keep you accountable an motivated throughout this Boot Camp and beyond.


shutterstock_132045281When FITNESS + NUTRITION + SUPPORT come together, they create the “Triple Crown” winner of fitness. By joining in the Athletic Rider’s Fitness Boot Camp, you will have access to all three elements on a daily basis. No matter if you would like to lose weight, increase lean muscle or improve sports performance, the proven formula of the The Athletic Rider Fitness Camp will give you the tools to get you the results. The only thing missing is YOU!



The Athletic Rider Fitness Boot Camp was developed for the rider who realizes that you don’t ride to get fit. You Get Fit To Ride Better. To get all the details about boot camp, fill out the form below.
Please understand space is limited in order for me to provide personal coaching for each participant. Once the spaces for Boot Camp are filled, applicants will be moved to a waiting list for the next Boot Camp. Basic Boot Camp Packages start at just a DOLLAR A DAY. Premium Boot Camp Packages start at $140.


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