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Leah Hinnefeld is the owner of the Athletic Rider® 

Leah is a lifelong equestrian, an A-circuit show hunter rider and a farm owner whose greatest joy (since saying farewell to the days of living as a show gypsy) is raising and starting young horses. She is also a runner, ex-swimmer and former gym rat who continues to challenge her own fitness boundaries by trail running and strength training in her home gym.  She has taken her horse and fitness passions, blended them into a unique business model and targeted those efforts to fulfill a growing interest and emphasis on equestrian fitness, sports performance and quality of life.

After spending over a decade working with both owners interested in maintaining barefoot performance horses and those facing the challenges of owning metabolic horses, Leah shifted gears to provide efficient, effective, and affordable fitness and nutrition solutions to horse owners and riders. Having faced the struggles of finding time for family, work, horses and fitness, Leah knows how to design a program that will get it done, keep it fun and leave plenty of time for those precious moments in the saddle. 

Having retired her legal “shingle,” Leah and The Athletic Rider are now considered the go-to resource for rider’s looking to get fit to ride and live better.

My goal is simple-to create a wholistic approach to rider wellness that addresses the six influencers of a rider’s energy (the six stressor that impact how she shows up to the different moments in her day). The six influencers that impact a rider are spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, social and environmental.–Leah Hinnefeld

Through the Athletic Rider Fitness Boot Camp, Leah is able to provide virtual fitness and nutrition solutions that emphasize the athletic demands faced by all riders, farm owners and horse lovers. In 2016 when she realized that many riders would benefit from equestrian sports performance coaching that considered the mind, body and soul, she developed one-on-one and group coaching classes to take riders to that next level of awareness and performance.   Leah will also come to your farm for live workshops and clinics.

When not hosting an online rider fitness boot camp, coaching riders or working on her own fitness, you can find Leah on her farm riding one her two horses (Bentley and Logan), walking her dogs (Zorro and Roscoe) or attending North Point Community Church with her husband, Mark.


I train for my body. I run for my mind.
I ride for my heart.


Leah holds certifications in fitness, nutrition, sports performance and professional coaching with the following organizations:


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