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Krissie S., in her own words:


First, I feel I should introduce myself. I am a thirty(cough) year old mother of 3 boys. I have a fulltime job away from home and live on a farm with 5 horses, a small herd of dairy goats, flock of chickens, two dogs, and one very spoiled house cat. I am responsible for the care and feeding of all of these animals (including the human ones, hehe). My husband and I participate in armored jousting with our horses and often travel to do shows on the weekends. To say my time is limited is an understatement!

So, when I initially approached Leah about doing a boot camp, I was very hesitant about the time commitment. I get up at 5:30 in the morning, run non-stop, and fall into bed at 10pm or later. How could I possibly fit in time to work out and eat right? I had tried so many times to make time to work out, but never lasted more than a week or so. At one point, I even bought a weight bench thinking I would work out with my husband. Well, without a plan I just looked at it and thought “what do I do now?” Sure, I tried working out, but I got lost and fizzled out.

Calling Leah was the best thing I ever did for my health and fitness! She talked me through my concerns and helped me develop a real plan. I am a person that needs a plan, I cannot just wing it. I started with the 21 Day Fix in a “basic training” group for people that Leah coaches that are not in a boot camp. Leah suggested it as a good place to dip my toe in the water before making the full commitment to a 60 day boot camp. Within 2 weeks of joining this fantastic team of like-minded individuals under the leadership of Leah, I was ready to join a boot camp. I loved the 21 Day Fix DVD’s because I had someone to follow, with a video “coach” urging me on to finish each 30 minute workout.

Shortly after finishing the 21 Day Fix, I joined the Sweaty September boot camp and started P90X3. I am so glad I did this boot camp! The changes to my body are not dramatically visible, because I was in fairly good condition when I started due to my active lifestyle. But the change I feel inside is amazing! My core strength and flexibility are light years from when I started. And I am actually developing abs and arm muscles. The nutrition changes we have made are also a lifelong change for the better. But the best part of boot camp is the other people! It is truly a supportive and judgment free zone. We all had our moments when we were tired or busy and it was hard to push on. But with the support of our “workout buddies” we overcame. I had multiple people in my life tell me I “didn’t need to diet” or “you are in good enough shape, why are you working out?” Well, this change is for me, and everyone in that group had their own personal goals and understood that we are doing this for ourselves, not anyone else. I have made some amazing friends through this shared boot camp experience. And 60 days was just the beginning. We are all in this for the long haul. After graduation, I went back to the basic training team along with my fellow boot campers. Through this team, we all remain in touch and continue to receive the support and advice of Leah, each other, and the other members of the team.

If you are debating whether to do a boot camp, but you just don’t know if you can do it, I can only say one thing. DO IT! You will not regret it. I went from reluctant and convinced that I couldn’t possibly find the time, to pushing play every day! I still can’t believe that I have developed such an amazing habit and I am getting it done, every day. I am working out and cooking more healthy food for myself and my family. I don’t doubt that you can too. You just have to decide that your fitness and health are a priority. I spent years putting everyone else ahead of myself and through this experience I have realized

that, while it is important to take care of everyone else, it is important to take care of me, too. Because who will take care of everyone else if you get sick from not taking care of yourself? Why are you still reading this? Go join a boot camp!!!

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