T25 Saddlebags

Every once in awhile a program comes along that stops you in your tracks and makes you take notice.

Focus T25 is the program that did that to me.

I was fascinated when Beachbody announced the information about T25. A program that promised to get it done in 25 minutes a day. Goodness only knows during mowing and riding season, a horse lover and farm girl could use a little help in getting it done in under and hour a day. Under 30 minutes? Seemed almost too good to be true.

The thing I love the most about each new Beachbody program is the ability for me to be repeatedly humbled by each new program. Focus T25 did not disappoint.

As graduate of (at the time) 16 Beachbody programs, I had enough experience to know it would be fun and challenging. I also knew having ShaunT involved meant I would be getting some use out of my dancing shoes! What I did not count on was the level T25 would take my riding. I was already pretty fit going in to the program. I had been working out daily, operated my horse farm on my own and had just completed Body Beast so felt fairly confident that I would handle the challenges of a ‘little 25 minute program’ without too much complaining.

The basic program is two phases (Alpha and Beta), each 5 weeks long. The workout week is 5 days a week for 25 minutes a day. Day 5 introduces the unexpected ‘doubles day.’ If you complete the 10 weeks and are begging for more, you can make a small additional investment to purchase the Gamma phase (my soul-mate workout so far but X3 is on the way!). The biggest difference in the Gamma phase is that 3 of the 4 workouts require dumbbells. Not much weight! Trust me 5-8 pounds will get it done for the ladies! Oh yes, Gamma phase brought on another slice of that Humble Pie when I had to pick up those 5 lb dumbbells to complete the workout.

During the first week it seemed like the entire purpose of Focus T25 was to point out every week spot I had on my body. I found muscles in my calves that I never knew existed! The focus on the foot and calf muscles is quite intense. I would not have made it through the first 5 weeks without my trusty Rumble Roller. I would advise anyone considering T25 to strongly consider investing in a roller. Your body really will thank you for the investment.

No ShaunT workout would complete without his complete Focus on the core. Once again, Focus T25 does NOT disappoint. Even in the ‘non-core workouts’ there are a variety of exercises that assault…I mean address…the core.

Before completing the Alpha phase I noticed changes in my body awareness, focus and stamina. These changes translated to improvements during my time in the saddle. The quick movements in the Speed workouts increased my foot strength. Increased foot strength improved my stability in the stirrups and created a strong base of support. Because I train and spend my days in shoes that allow my toes to splay, I am also addressing my foundation during the entire day.  The commitment to improving my foot function always pays off in the saddle.

The targeted focus on core and lower body allowed me to stay with my horse better at all gaits and during all movements. My improved base of support allowed my body to ‘free up energy’ for stamina and endurance. It just took less effort for me to do something I had been doing my entire life!

While riding is not really a sport of fast twitch muscles, I did notice that focusing on those muscles off the horse translated to greater awareness and finesse of my seat and leg communication with my horse while in the saddle.

Increased calf strength, inner thigh strength and core strength. What more could a horse lover want from a workout? The secret sauce…it somehow managed to put those saddlebags right back where they belong! Now who doesn’t like a set of properly placed saddlebags?

Real Fitness Saddle bags

Would you like to learn more about T25? Check out this PREVIEW VIDEO!

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