Words just can not begin to value of correct foam rolling. It is the first building block in a not only a rider fitness program, but any program that seeks to improve physical health and well-being. Foam Rolling is a form of self myofascial release that allows you to break apart adhesions in your muscles and is the first step in restoring muscular balance. For a more detailed article on foam rolling, check out Rumble Roll to a Better Ride.

The videos below address the basics of foam rolling, as presented by Dr Mark Cheng. Dr Mark Cheng is a human functional performance specialist, a doctor of Chinese medicine and the creator of Tai Cheng, one of the Beachbody programs that I use as a tool in my Athletic Rider Fitness Boot Camps.  Needless to say, if Dr Cheng suggests that I roll, well I roll!  I regularly foam roll my calves, quads, rotator cuff and thoracic spine and have never felt better.

The 4 videos below will show you how to foam roll your calves (and reduce foot pain), quadriceps (and reduce low back pain), rotator cuff and finish with a summary of the key points to foam rolling.

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