Every story has a starting point. It doesn’t matter if it is your rider fitness story or you riding story with your new horse or your story about starting to ride. No matter what the story is, one thing remains true for them all-every story has to have a starting point. As a matter of fact, I might even go so far as to say the starting point can be one of the hardest points in the story-especially when the story is one that is unfamiliar, requires change or requires effort.

Getting Started
Do you find yourself waiting for the perfect time to back your young horse, raise the jumps in your next lesson or start your rider fitness program? If you’re constantly saddled with “waiting for the perfect time”to start your rider fitness program, these tips might help:
  • Get your mind right. This is going to mean changing your mindset. Once you realize that there is no perfect time to start (and there never will be) then you have eliminated the #1 reason why most people never DO start. Look forward to starting at the perfectly imperfect time.
  • Carve out some time, any amount of time, even if seems like it is not enough time. Then schedule it and give it the same respect you would give a health appointment-because it IS a health appointment.
  • Just DO. Find the smallest, simplest, least overwhelming thing you can do RIGHT NOW and DO IT. Did you? Guess what…you’ve just started! Phew! I bet you are glad that’s over.
  • Do something. Do anything. Do 10 jumping jacks when you get up. Try 10 crunches before bed. Park you car in the farthest slot from the tack store door or walk around the horse show instead of riding in the golf cart.  Take your horse for a walk around the property, and you get quality time together as a bonus.
  • Remember the dreaded starting point is a one time event. Once you’ve started it’s over and you never have to face it again. Unless you quit, of course. But then you are starting over. 😉
  • Expect and embrace resistance. For this one, you are just going to have to suck it up, buttercup. Resistance is normal. No one said change was easy! But change is the only way it works.
  • Get support through an accountability partner or group. Whether it’s a friend or family member, workout buddy, or a coach, find someone to keep you trotting on the lunge until you are ready to gallop down the trail on your own. Need some direction? Join The Athletic Rider Fit Club. It’s free and I provide daily short workouts just to get you moving.
So what day is the starting point for your rider fitness program?
I thought so-now drop and give me 10!

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