Sometimes something comes along so huge and so exciting that I just have to share! THIS would be one of those times. My most popular tool to help riders get fit to ride better is the library of fitness programs created by Beachbody. Beachbody fitness programs have been my sole source of fitness (outside of riding and running) since December 2008. At the time I am writing this article, I am 7 days away from starting my 22nd Beachbody program. I guess you could say I found something I like and it works. Don’t believe me? Just ask the 150+ riders who have joined one of The Athletic Rider Fitness Boot Camps-and that is just since May 2014!

Until now, Beachbody programs have only been available on DVD. That all changes in March 2015. That’s right. In just a few short weeks, Beachbody will be unveiling its live streaming fitness library. 

Beachbody-On-Demand 2

So how will Beachbody on Demand work?

Access to Beachbody on Demand will now be included in the Team Beachbody Club Membership. Members will have unlimited access to the live streaming program library from a computer, tablet or mobile device. There is no extra cost per workout. In addition, live streaming works internationally. How cool is THAT! Now The Athletic Rider will be able to offer Rider Fitness Boot Camps to horse owners around the globe! 

Not sure if live streaming is for you? No worries! All programs will still be available on DVD.

What are the additional benefits of the Team Beachbody Club Membership?

  • 10% discount on purchases of Beachbody fitness programs, gear, and supplements*
  • Personlized meal plans, nutrition tips, and access to healthy recipes
  • VIP access to Beachbody’s celebrity trainers, including Tony Horton, Shaun T and Chalene Johnson. You can watch their videos, ask them questions, and read their motivational articles
  • If you have the P90X® APP for iPhone®, you can get a 10% discount on all in-app purchases, including Guided Workouts for your iPhone, as well as anything purchased through the Team Beachbody mobile store

How much does the Club Membership Cost?

The cost of the Team Beachbody Club Membership is $38.87, billed quarterly.

What programs will be included in the initial launch of Beachbody on Demand?

P90X, P90X2, P90X3, Insanity, TurboFire, Brazil Butt Lift, Ten Minute Trainer, ChaLEAN Extreme, Asylum Vol 1, Tony One-on-One (vol 1) and Hip Hop Abs.

It just so happens that P90X3 is one of my top rider fitness programs. The addition of that program to the lineup makes the club membership a worthy investment for any rider interested in training to get fit to ride better.

Do you want more? 

To be the first to learn when Beachbody on Demand is available, CLICK HERE to sign up for a FREE Team Beachbody membership, making me your rider fitness coach. When you become a free member, you will be on by mailing list to get first notice when live streaming, well, goes LIVE! 

How will the Club Membership help you improve your rider fitness

Just before you upgrade your free membership to a club membership, we will schedule a fitness consult (by email or phone, based on your preference) to determine the best program for you. We will assess your current fitness level then select the correct program to help you achieve your future goals. 

Because I am familiar with almost all of the programs that Beachbody has to offer, I will be able to head you in the right direction. I have personally completed each of the programs that will be offered with live streaming. As a rider of 17 years, a certified personal trainer, and a Beachbody veteran-let’s just say that I know riding, I know fitness and I know Beachbody home fitness programs. 

You will then have my coaching during that fitness program at no additional charge. I offer a private accountability group for all of my riders who are training with the fitness programs created by Beachbody. It is quite a fitness party if I do say so myself.

Beachbody selected a variety of fitness coaches to test the Beta version of Beachbody On Demand  during the month of February. I was selected to be one of the coaches in the test group. I am not allowed to share too much until the release, but I can tell you this:


Do you want to get your heart pumping while you wait? Check out the promo video below:

*Since the items in the Challenge Pack are already at a reduced promotional price, coaches and club members are unable to apply their additional discount.

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