Welcome Equestrians, Competitive Riders, Pleasure Riders and All Horse Lovers in Between!

Thank you for your interest in joining The Athletic Rider Fit Club and home of the Athletic Rider FREE Fitness Challenge.

When you sign up for the Athletic Rider Fit Club, you will be sent a link to join our private rider fitness community on Facebook. The Fit Club is a place for you to check in and be accountable for your daily fitness. You can ask questions, get fitness and nutrition tips or simply hang out with other riders just like you-riders who want to get fit to ride better.

So….What happens in the fit club?

 The 30-Day Challenge 

Each month there will be a different fitness challenge. Some months have a daily exercise that take only a few minutes to complete. Other months focus on one aspect like cardio or balance. The purpose of the daily challenge is to get riders moving outside of the saddle.

The Fit Club Challenge is not targeted to a particular fitness level and may be challenging so please do not participate if it is uncomfortable in any way. You are NOT required to participate in the challenge to enjoy the group.  

Our Facebook group is the secret sauce in helping you reach your goals. Research has proven that success rates improve significantly for those involved in an accountability group verses those going it alone.

Let’s face it…since we know horses, we already understand the herd mentality!

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Life and Fitness are Meant to be Played as a TEAM SPORT!

When you check daily in at the Fit Club, you will also get support and motivation from me as your virtual fitness coach.  I have been a competitive rider for over 35 years and have been involved in fitness my entire life.  I am a certified nutrition coach and hold a mastery in sports performance coaching. Because of my equestrian and fitness background, I understand the strengths and weaknesses that come from spending the day in a saddle. I know what it takes to support riders and ultimately create a program that builds on rider weaknesses without over training the muscles we already use when on our horses.


If you decide that you would like a solution beyond what is offered through the Fit Club, check out The Athletic Rider Fitness Boot Camp.
We would love to have you join when the time is right for you!

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