BlessingsToday was one of those days that it was so easy to feel blessed. The weather was incredible, my workload was light, my family and animals are healthy, and I was not pressed for time. Yes indeed, today was an easy day to feel blessed. The fact is, however, that every day is a day that I am blessed.  Some days may not feel like it, but the reason I don’t is simply because I am so incredibly blessed that it should be called spoiled.

And guess what. I know the same is true about you! Now before you get all huffy and wonder how I can be so presumptuous, hear me out.

How can I possibly know that a perfect stranger who is reading my blog is blessed? For one, if you ARE reading my blog chances are you are doing so on a computer, and iPad or maybe even your new iPhone 5S. That means you have an internet connection or some kind of wireless plan. Chances are, if you are reading my blog you live in the US or maybe the UK or possibly Austria. If so, I bet you have a roof over your head, shoes on your feet, and running water in your home. I bet you will have food on your table tonight, unless you are blessed to be dining out with family and friends.

I am certainly not suggesting you are not challenged or struggling. As a matter of fact, I have no doubt you are facing some sort of challenge or struggle while you are sitting here and reading about how blessed you should feel! Maybe that feels uncomfortable or even annoying. The fact remains however, if you have the ability to read this blog, you are indeed blessed.

I was raised a Christian. These days I find it less confusing to just identify myself as a follower of Christ. Put in one sentence, this means I follow the teachings of Jesus. Jesus commanded his followers to love on another. Jesus commanded that his followers serve others. I don’t think anyone can argue that this world would be  a much better place if more of us did just those two things. Just loved one another and served one another. There are so many ways to go about showing love to another person and serving someone in need. It can be as simple as bringing a meal to someone that is housebound. It can be a grand as joining a mission trip to build homes for orphans in another country. There are all kinds of ways in between.

I wanted to take today, a day that has been so full of blessings for me, and share three places that I know would love to be blessed so they can then be a blessing to others.

 Eagle Ranch

Eagle Ranch provides a Christ-centered children’s home for boys and girls in crisis and in need of hope and healing. Partnering with their families, we pursue family restoration and reunification. We seek to influence and equip others who share a similar calling to impact children, families and future generations.

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globalX is North Point Ministries’ international division. Our mission is to lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ by serving our international community. We have decided to focus on just three things. We partner with exceptional organizations, or Global Partners, to help meet the physical and spiritual needs of at-risk families and children. We help churches, we call them our Strategic Partners, create churches that unchurched people love to attend. And we guide, prepare, and equip our church attendees for short-term (globalX trips) and long-term service (full-time missionaries).

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RainCatcher is dedicated to healing communities by providing clean water for children in the developing world using affordable and sustainable solutions.

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 May you be blessed each day and in turn be a blessing to others.


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