Whether you believe it or not, you are a leader-either by choice or by default.

You are a leader of those around you.  You are a leader of yourself.  You are a LEADER of your HORSE!

You see, leadership has nothing to do with being some big executive or business owner. Leadership comes from INTERACTION. How you lead is determined by how you interact with others.


The kind and quality of your leadership comes from the kind and quality of ENERGY that you put into the ride. Energy comes from the ATTITUDE you bring into every interaction with your horse and every situation during your ride.

Make more sense now?
Do I at least have one ear cocked in my direction?

Let’s go a little deeper into this idea of ENERGY LEADERSHIP and how it impacts your RELATIONSHIP with your HORSE

Horses are perhaps the world’s greatest ENERGY READERS. They use energy to influence each other AND to be influenced by us.  If we don’t “speak” the right energy to our horse, all the training in the world won’t make a difference in our ride. The horse won’t HEAR us they way we want to be heard. He won’t hear us in the way he needs to hear us.

What is the RESULT for the HORSE when our energy is “off”?

Frustration, Fear, Anger, Lack of Predictability, Lack of Confidence.

What is the RESULT for YOU when your energy is “off”?

Frustration, Fear, Anger, Lost Joy in the Saddle, Lack of Confidence.

Do you get the picture? And it does not appear to be a pleasant one.

Quite often, the issue in the saddle is NOT that you don’t know what to do…your trainer/riding instructor already has given you the tools you need for that part of the equation.  The issue is HOW you are showing up to do what you do!

Let’s stop and soak on that for a moment.

Now that I have 2 eyes on me, what can you do about it?

Enter the Athletic Rider’s new Equestrian Energy Leadership Workshop.

I will come to your farm for a LIVE half day or full day workshop to help you discover the 7 Levels of Energy and how to use them to improve your ride and ultimately relationship with you horse.  The 7 Levels of Energy are the 7 Possible Attitudes that you show up with every time you step into the saddle. 

Understanding Energy Leadership is the ONE THING that will change
EVERYTHING in your relationship with your horse.

When you are in tune with what kind of energy you are using to communicate with your horse, when you have a handle on what influences how you show up energetically to your horse, and when you learn how to control your response to those influencers, you will be able to choose your energy level.

When you can choose your energy, you will become the most effective leader that you can be for your horse.

And that, my friends, is when you will take your relationship with your horse to a level that you only dreamed of having.

For details on the workshop, CLICK HERE.

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