Now that you have your Focus on Mastery and are awaiting to Align with Your Core Values, it is time to connect to your Spiritual Influencer.  And no no no no no I am not talking about something “religious,” rather I am talking about those intangible and immeasurable items that influence you behavior and energy.  Connecting with your spiritual influencer is actually the most important ingredient in performance mastery and often the most overlooked in riders, instructors and coaches. 

Wow!  No wonder we see so many frustrated horse people out there!

So if your spiritual influencer is not some sneaky way for me to sneak God into a blog, what is it?  It is your mission, your vision or purpose in life.  Put another way, it answers the question:

What do you want to be remembered for?

Imagine the energy you could bring to a task or event if it completely connected to your purpose in life (as YOU define it not as someone tells you it should be)! Can you already feel a shift in your attitude and energy?

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