You just can’t out-run or out-ride a bad diet.
With the increase in metabolic issues we know that is a true statement for or overfed and underworked horses. 
With the increase in obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease and other chronic illnesses, we also know it is true for the human as well.

Now I want to begin this article by reminding everyone that I am neither a registered dietician nor am I a nutritionist. Because of my lack of formal education in either of these professions, I hesitated whether I would even write about this experience at all. Through my resources as a fitness coach, however, I have been able to virtually surround myself with people who do have an excellent understanding of the impact of nutrition on our health and sports performance. One of the people that has had the greatest influence on my current nutrition is Isabelle Daikeler. Isabelle is a nutritionist, personal trainer and holds a B.A. in Kinesiology and Sport Medicine. She is the co-creator of Shakeology, the nutrition and performance shake that I personally use as well as the co-creator of a ‘total body reset’ called the Ultimate Reset.

The Ultimate Reset is a 21 day/3 phase program that slowly and deliberately reduces processed foods and inflammatory foods from your daily diet, while supporting your body with carefully selected supplements. In the first phase you rebalance your body chemistry. During the second phase you remove toxins and reset your digestion. The third phase allows you to rejuvenate your health through foods that have a high nutritional value while placing a low demand on digestion.

In others words I went from a die-hard carnivore to a gallon-a-day water drinking, sugar eliminating, high energy vegan in just 21 days. The transition to a vegan diet was fascinating to me for many reasons.  Not only have I long been concerned about the impact of processed foods on our health, but also the impact of meat, chicken and fish sources that have been fed diets of genetically modified corn and soy products.

The transition to several new and different foods was not as difficult as I had imagined for one very big reason-the nutrition guide and recipe selection was-in a word-OUTSTANDING. I have never before experienced the combination of flavors and tastes of new foods in such a powerhouse of nutrition at each and every meal. I thought I had a handle on ‘clean eating’ before the Ultimate Reset. The experience instead left me wanting to learn and understand even more.

While the transition to the taste of the food was simple. the preparation and scheduling of the supplements was incredibly demanding. I joined a group of 14 Fitness Coaches in our own private accountability group on Facebook. The daily support and sharing of ideas and experiences was incredibly valuable.

So what were my personal results during the Ultimate Reset? I lost 11 pounds, with very little muscle loss. I slept better than I have in years. I no longer experienced any sinus or congestion issues. I no longer noticed two old injuries that cause chronic low grade pain. One of the injuries happened over 10 years ago when I jammed two fingers on my right hand tossing a football on the beach. I have never been able to completely close my first since that injury-until about 18 days into the Reset. On that day the pain was gone. Two years ago I fractured my foot on a trail run, and it would flare up on some days. During the Reset, I never had one flare up.

My skin appeared better than it has since before I was a teen. Clear, bright and smooth. My flexibility and balance also improved. I had read that many of these improvements were common during and after the Reset, but I was surprised at the very noticeable level of change. What this meant is that my riding also improved. How crazy is that? Clean eating to better riding?

My energy level was also higher than it had been in years. Once I returned to running (exercise is discouraged during the Reset to allow your body to put all energy into restoring itself), my mile time dropped by a minute per mile. Now granted, I have never been the speediest Athletic Rider or Runner but the time drop was still dramatic.

I am now almost 3 weeks away from the Reset and I have chosen to maintain many of the habits that I created during the Reset. In spite of my best efforts and even knowing how good I felt, it is still challenging to maintain the intensity of “clean eating” that I did during the Reset. I will certainly plan on an annual Reset as a part of my total health and well-being. I also plan on incorporating a monthly mini-reset into my calendar thanks to the release of a new “companion “product called the 3-Day Refresh. I will testing my first Refresh starting tomorrow!

If you would like to read more about the Ultimate Reset and the new 3 Day Refresh, just hover over the names and click. If you are interested in joining me one month for a mini-Reset, I would love to coach you through the process. It is a great way to dip a toe in the pond before making the 21 day commitment.

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