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I needed Boot Camp to reboot my fitness journey. I had come to a point where I had come a long way and hit a plateau and I really needed the energy from a group of companions to keep me going. Checking in everyday and watching everyone else’s progress really energized me and helped me find my motivation again. The other thing I noticed about being in the group is that I was invested in their journeys and truly want to see them succeed and to believe in themselves. Boot Camp was a marvelous experience. I was actually a little blue last week when it ended.  Meredith J.

When I had my first consult with Leah, she told me, “If you commit to do the basic steps of Boot Camp, you WILL see results.” She was so right. The program is simple, timesaving, cost effective, and builds life-long habits. The support of the group was key, and having fellow horse people was a constant reminder that getting fit isn’t about a smaller pants size (although it’s that, too!) but rather about being more fully “there” in life and in the saddle. I had a lot of set backs that I couldn’t avoid, but I will do Boot Camp again. And I will be a transformation story, one day! I can’t say enough about the program and am so thankful I found it.  Abigail B.

Ah, Boot Camp! Had a blast with a truly inspiring group of girls. I have never been a person who adds regular exercise into my life for any substantial amount of time, but this experience taught me that consistency trumps perfection and that health and fitness are a result of a series of good decisions, not one big all-or-nothing. Thanks for the opportunity, Leah.  Kylie P.

Boot Camp was not just a body transformation, but a mental transformation. I started to look at food differently, exercise differently and how I play my role in this process differently. A life changing decision that is amazing and so worth the effort. The team work and companionship of the boot camp is a great approach to this life change. Love it.  Kate S.

BEST.INVESTMENT.EVER! I wanted to be healthier and a more athletic rider. I had wanted that for a few years but just couldn’t get consistent- I’d start and quit within a couple of days. I was really reluctant to start a “program,” but chatting with Leah Hinnefeld helped me see how it could be personalized while keeping the accountability factor. The boot camp changed my life. I just completed 60 days. I am healthier, a more athletic rider AND, for the first time in my 47 year life, I WANT to work out!  Carolyn L.

I tried so many other weight loss and fitness programs, yet I would find myself back in my old unhealthy habits in no time. My true transformation began with Clean and Lean in 14 and took hold in Boot Camp. Leah’s guidance, support and at times, pointing out the truth when I didn’t want to hear it made such a huge difference! I learned to eat healthy, and I enjoy working out. I am a better rider because of it.  With this program, I really enjoy every bit of it. Anyone who knows me, knows I call BS if I think something is BS. Boot Camp is the real deal!! My body is changing in ways I would have never believed and I am an almost 50 yr old Grandma! The support, new friendships and camaraderie with fellow boot campers is awesome and Coach Leah Hinnefeld is the bomb! She is always there with tips, challenges and encouragement! Boot Camp changed my life! It is the best thing I have done for myself!!!  Patty D.

Boot Camp Reviews-2My coach hasn’t seen me in two weeks because she’s been away and she was super impressed with how much better my seat is getting. She knows I’ve been in Boot Camp so she told me, “whatever it is that you’re doing, keep doing it!” I’m finally able to just sit up and just ride my mare through any young baby outbursts she may have without getting flopped around like a rag doll in the saddle.  As someone known for procrastination who has had difficulties sticking to an exercise program in the past, Boot Camp changed the way I thought about working out. My fellow Boot Camp members cheered me on and kept me accountable. I thought it’d be difficult to find the time to workout, but now realize I was just making excuses. Working out is now a part of my daily schedule and I feel lost if I miss a day. Both my riding coach and I have noticed improvements in my riding, my body is getting stronger every day and I feel more confident about myself than I have in years.  Melanie F.

The Athletic Rider Boot Camp has been a life changer for me. Not only has it improved my strength in the saddle, it has also given me more energy and conditioning overall. Leah and the other boot campers have been key in producing the results I want and I know we will be life time friends. Give it a try, you won’t be disappointed!  Carrera C.

After talking with Leah During the phone consultation I knew I could do this. I saw results within the first two weeks! Being placed on a team was one of the best parts…I have made new lifelong friends who have similar a passion, goals, and challenges. We are there for each other and continue to encourage one another. It is an amazing experience!  Jan C.

Boot camp gives me the luxury of working out on my own schedule but with the support and push from coaches and fellow boot campers. Just the right amount of pressure to make me get it done without being overwhelmed! Rebecca B.

I’ll admit I was skeptical at first, but after the first day of Boot Camp, I fell in love. The people you meet and make as friends and the encouragement and support you receive is beyond anything I could have imagined. Not to mention our incredible coaches. It’s given me the motivation I needed to keep up a healthy lifestyle and it’s the best! I love Boot Camp and I can’t wait to fail on purpose to do it again. Best life-changing, friend making, hard working two months of my life. So good, you’ll never want to go back to the “old you.”  Victoria B.

This program is not like any other I have experienced. The coach is wonderful, always there for us. The team support has been so helpful. I initially thought the exercise program I chose would be like all the others stacked in my closet. But not so! Easy to follow exercises. Challenging but very effective boot camp, is meeting all my expectations. Don’t want to stop!  Jackie T.

The accountability and coaching make the difference for me. That’s what keeps me consistently on plan. And its fun!  Karen W.

I love boot camp and it IS working. I love the accountability, for me, that makes all the difference. Coach Leah and our whole group is great. I am enjoying my exercise program, as well as eating healthy and clean. It is fun and easy to stay on track. I am very happy with my results to date.  Kathy S.

I am stronger. I love this program This is the longest I have ever stuck with a diet change like this. It is so nice knowing I have the support I do on here. Katie B.

Boot camp gives positive changes. Complete balance, more endurance, unbelievable strength and a willpower to feed your body to perform. The bonus is making new friendships with remarkable people. Julie K.  

Leah has given me so much confidence in myself through this process. When I started bootcamp, my goal was just to finish the 60 days. I am almost there and with her support, I KNOW I am going to make it! (In fact, once I am done with Piyo, I will probably be doing another program, because I have been having so much fun and seeing results!) Kendal L.

Joining boot camp, was really game changing for me. I used to workout, but the discipline and motivation were missing. Sometimes, you really need a little push to keep going. Boot camp gives that-with sufficient amount of support, encouragement, motivation and guidance from the Coaches and other boot campers! I truly love being a part of it. Vidhi M.
Leah Hinnefeld is unlike any other trainer! She is sincere and dedicated to getting her clients on a healthier path permanently!  Cece G.

Boot Camp has changed my life. Not only did it work and give me visible results, but it impact my family’s daily health decision making. Everything from making fitness a priority to changing the way we viewed and treated food. Leah makes it fun and gives you all the support you need. Plus you make great, like-minded friends along the way.  Jennifer B.

Warning : Joining boot camp will change your life forever!  Corrinne S.

Boot camp with Leah Hinnefeld of The Athletic Rider was an amazing and transformational experience. If you have your doubts about fitness, join one of Leah’s boot camps and she and your boot camper herd will help you achieve amazing things. It is a fun-loving, inspirational, and non-judging environment that will help you succeed in your fitness and nutritional goals.  Jenn R. 

What to do when you need to work out more, but aren’t motivated when it’s just you alone, can’t arrange to have the motivation of workout buddies, or can’t meet the schedule of a regular class? Leah’s Boot Camp did the job — nothing motivates like knowing she’s gonna call you out if she hasn’t heard from you! The encouragement and enthusiasm of your Boot Camp teammates, and even their tales of workout woe, keep you feeling like you’re not alone at all: your workout buddies are right there with you as soon as you log in.  Ann S.

Boot camp with Leah Hinnefeld via the Athletic Rider was the best thing I have ever done FOR ME! The support from her has been amazing. The ability to workout so to say over Facebook with women of like interest and goals was outstanding. This is coming from a 44 year old woman who only ate food that was precooked and could go in the microwave or was so over processed it could probably out live all of us. I was a drive food regular a soda addict and did not do anything close to beach body other then walking. Well now I am cooking and reading labels and sharing my love for a healthy life style with all those close to me. I have made great new friends. I was never put down or laughed at. I had emotional support 24/7!!  I lost 13.5 inches from September 22 to November 16th! I am finally under 200 pounds!!! None of this could have happened without this amazing group of women and our coaches!!!  Deana S.

I have been amazed by Boot camp with Leah Hinnefeld! I am a regular gym-goer but needed something to get me out of a rut. I could not be more happy that I worked with Leah and all of the women in our Boot Camp. It was a motivating and inspiring framework. Loved it!  Ann F.


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