When you choose the FitnessBuilder Solution you will have access to 1000+ ready-to-go trainer designed and created workouts right on your computer, tablet or mobile device. Workouts range from challenging Body Building programs to easy to follow Body Weight only workouts. The bodyweight only workouts are perfect to take with you during show season or a weekend clinic.

When you access the FitnessBuilder App from your computer or mobile devide, you will be able to track your progress when you log in your daily workouts (weight used, repetitions and sets). You can also take your before/after photos, and we can then track your progress using the included body measurement tools (weight tracker, body fat %, BMI, target weight and heart rate).

There are two FitnessBuilder options available, depending on your rider fitness needs:

1. FitnessBuilder Basic:

FitnessBuilder Basic is perfect solution for the independent rider who already has a background in fitness and is not looking for any added support. This rider is familiar with designing her own workouts and simply wants inspiration for variety and new challenges. FitnessBuilder Basic includes:

  • Weekly recommended 3 or 5 day workouts that can be used in the home or gym
  • Workouts range from beginner through advanced levels
  • The ability to drag and drop exercises with images to build your own custom workout to meet your current fitness level and future goals.
  • Video clips of exercises showing correct form and execution of the exercise

Get FitnessBuilder Basic for $7.00 per month

2. Fitness Builder Advanced:

FitnessBuilder Advanced is the perfect solution for the rider who needs a little more direction. This rider is looking for a 30 day jumpstart to her fitness program and then will feel comfortable in selecting workouts from the trainer created programs or by designing her own workouts based on her needs. FitnessBuilder Advanced includes everything in FitnessBuilder Basic PLUS:

  • A 4-week Workout Program designed to develop the muscles a rider needs to mount bareback unassisted,
  • 25 Getting Started Right Recipes
  • A Grocery Shopping Guide you can download and print, plus
  • Access to a private accountability group on Facebook where you will receive daily support and answers to your fitness and nutrition questions

Get FitnessBuilder Advanced for $29.99 for the first month then $7.00 each additional month

Click on the links below to see samples of Complete Daily Workouts already available and waiting on you.

Feel free to print each one and give them a try!

 10 Minute Fat Buster

 Bikini Body for Women

I Want Those Abs

The image below shows and example of the exercises you would see if you searched for a leg workout using dumbbells:


Since we KNOW riders are all about the core, below is an example of a search for an ab workout using dumbbells:


Going mobile is easy with the free FitnessBuilder App for your smartphone or tablet:


† Gym fees, fitness equipment and any in-home fitness program are not included and may require an additional cost.

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