Every once in awhile a product comes along that makes you ask, “How did I ever get by without you?” In the spirit of the season, here are a few of my favorite things!

Real Fitness Newer SpreaderNewer Spreader: Several years ago my horses started spending more time off pasture than on pasture. The extra time off pasture means extra piles of manure for me to clean up! I needed a manure spreader that was economical, easy to maneuver and had few moving parts that would break. A barn girl I am. A mechanic I am not! The Newer Spreader 200 fulfilled my short but necessary want list and them some. HOW I ever lived without my easy operating Newer Spreader is beyond me! It arrived in a hurry, was easy to assemble and works like a charm. It attaches to my Kubota RTV, can be moved by hand and is large enough to clean up after 2 horses and 2 small donkeys.  Newer Spreader

Real Fitness Hay NetsCinchix Hay Nets. If there is one item on my list that I would never live without while owning horses on a farm, the Cinchix Hay Net is that item. This hay net has literally made feeding my horses a breeze! I have two different sizes-one that hold 1/2 bale and one that holds a full bale. I keep several of each size on hand so I can fill them in advance. In order to reduce waste and slow down eating, I prefer the hay nets with 1 inch squares. I can now put out several days worth of hay at one time and don’t have to worry about the fatties eating it all or the picky eaters throwing hay on the ground. Cinchix Hay Nets

Real Fitness Dust PanJumbo Debris Dustpan with Tall Handle. Who knew a simple DUSTPAN could make a barn favorite but this one sure did! I love being able to clean my barn aisle without having to bend over or use two hands to shovel. It is light weight and has lots of room for small hay or manure piles. I found mine at Ace Hardware for under $20! Jumbo Dust Pan

Real Fitness Better Bucket

The Better Bucket. Unless the weather is bad, I feed my horses outside on the fenceline. Over the fence feeder are a disaster with mouthy young geldings because the bucket and food end up on the ground! Ground feeders are not much better because they end up dumped over. Enter The Better Bucket. It has a WIDE opening that is tilted so horses can eat without bumping their eyes on the bucket handles! They can eat at a comfortable angle and food stays inside until they take a bite! Win! The Better Bucket

Real Fitness Plastic PalletsPlastic Pallets. About 3 years ago, I had several bales of hay get moldy. Not only did I have to remove and dispose of the moldy hay, but I had to remove the moldy pallets. I decided in that moment that wooden pallets were awkward to move and just too heavy for me. I invested in enough pallets to cover my hay barn floor, plus several extra. I have NEVER looked back on this investment. These pallets are lightweight, easy to move and do not harbor mold and mildew. Just hose, dry and VOILA-they are ready for another season of hay. They only drawback is they are expensive to ship. I did find a company with a local drop-off so I saved on shipping. Plastics Pallets

Real Fitness Ventrac

Ventrac Tractor. Yes I put a TRACTOR on my list of favorite things because without my Ventrac I would be lost at pasture. My farm has hills. Serious hills. I have some hills that have close to a 30 degree slope. I am not an experienced tractor driver so when I decided to take over my farm operation, I knew I needed a tractor that would be safe (first) and efficient (a close second). Ventrac makes one of the most amazing machines I have ever seen. A dual wheeled Ventrac is rated for a 30 degree slope. Perfect for my hills. The best part? It is VERY girl friendly. I can hook and unhook implements and attachments on my own! Being able to operate a machine by myself is a HUGE requirement when running a farm alone and my Ventrac gives me complete freedom. Ventrac Compact Tractor

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  1. Love the plastic pallets. I use old wood ones, but the deteriorate over time. Have to look into these.

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