The Athletic Rider offers 4 Assessments to help determine the best coaching course for each individual

1. Energy Leadership Index (ELI)

As individuals, we view the world through filters (based on our experiences, values, assumptions, etc.). Those filters will either limit what we see (like tunnel vision) or expand what we see (like a prism) and, thus, impact how we perceive and what we think about our circumstances. This, in turn, impacts how we show up in different situations.

The Energy Leadership Index assessment reveals what specific filters you’ve developed and how those filters are influencing the results you’re achieving. The ELI measures your energy-how you show up in life and when under stress.

This Assessment takes about 20 minutes to complete. We then have a 1 hour follow up call to explain the results of your assessment.


SCOPE stands for Specific Current Operational Profile of Energy and is based on the ELI. SCOPE allows you to see what energy you has available currently with respect to the task she is performing.

SCOPE is designed to be taken before playing, practicing or competing by giving you a “Performance Factor” to let you know how energetically engaged you are to the task.

3. Values Assessment

A values assessment helps you identify your core values so you can determine how you life is lining up with those values. When your life is in conflict with your values, your energy will plummet and stress takes over. For peak performance, energy must be high. Often coaching a rider on how to realign her life with her values will allow her performance in the saddle to improve.

4. 360 Feedback

A 360 Feedback tool is a process by which multiple people in your life rate you according to observations of you. It is a great tool to allow you to understand how you show up to others. This information will allow you to improve your performance in your workplace, relationships, and barn life.


If you are interested in learning more about any of the four assessments offered by The Athletic Rider, please CONTACT LEAH HINNEFELD.