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DSC00153(2)I have been that horse crazy girl since I was seven years old (oh yes, you know the one). My first horseback ride was on a mare named Old Mary who lived at a ranch in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Now, over 40 years later, it seems the horse crazy stuck.

I was raised in the south by way of Pittsburgh, attended law school to say I did and operate my own horse farm to see if I could. Looking back over my life, I would say I rarely back down from a challenge.

While I have been active my entire life as a swimmer, runner and former gym rat, I never managed to outgrow that horse lover phase.

P1000017For as long as I can remember, my goal has been to be excellent with my horses and to be excellent for my horses. After enjoying years in the show ring and starting my own young horses, my equine passion took me down a long and winding trail that ultimately included owning and operating an equine consulting business that specialized horse nutrition, hoof care and gait assessment, and helping owners establish a proper stabling environment for horses with metabolic issues.

100_0510In 2008, after spending 11 years trying to balance my farm life and commute to a ‘local’ gym, I decided I needed to find a more efficient way to “get ‘er done.” As hard as I was trying, I did not have the time to commit to my horses, my farm, my home and my health. My performance in the saddle and my waistline were both telling on me!  My very first Beachbody program was P90X and 90 days later, I was sold on the system.

I originally purchased P90X to restore and maintain my own general fitness. I wanted to be fit enough to perform all of my daily ‘chores’ around the barn and in my home. Let’s face it, I also wanted to look good as I settled into my 40’s! What I did not expect was how much the core strength, stamina and focus that I developed during P90X (and each subsequent Beachbody program) would improve my riding and the performance of each my horses.

Enter P90X
Enter P90X

Five years and seventeen programs after that first round of P90X, I knew that I wanted to become an Independent Team Beachbody Coach so I could help others  reach their fitness and health goals. 

Shortly after deciding to become a Beachbody coach,  I realized I also wanted to have the ability to create customized fitness programs for horseback riders to improve their fitness both in and out of the saddle.  In January 2014 I enrolled as a student with the National Academy of Sports Medicine and plan to complete my certification as a personal trainer by mid-year.

In addition to spending the last 10 years obsessed with horse nutrition, I started focusing my research skills on how to further improve my own nutrition. Now I  fuel myself with clean whole foods (organic when possible) and prefer to avoid products that contain GMO foods. Clean whole foods create at least 80% of  my nutritional plan.

 Polo's Pastire

I simply love having the opportunity to combine my passion for horse & rider fitness to help others blaze that trail to fitness success both in and out of the saddle!


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