A Tribute

I will always remember
When our eyes first met
I thought to myself
This Is As Good As It Gets

The feel of your nose
Against my left cheek
The smell of your breath
Would touch me for weeks

I walked you around
And surveyed your shape
I stroked your soft coat
And studied your weight

The decision was easy
It must have been fate
How did I know
I had found my soul mate

Each day I would watch you
In your pasture with all
You would run and leap sideways
And rarely would fall

Our first ride, our first jump
And our first full show course
Only proved once again
You were better than most

The years slipped on by
And we became a great team
You became my best friend
You fulfilled all my dreams

You stood by my side
When I needed a laugh
On the days when I cried
You were always steadfast

The winters would come
And break gently to spring
As you gracefully aged
Another year you would bring

One day it was clear
Our time was near end
You gazed into me
And I held my best friend

My last feel of your nose
Against my left cheek
The last scent of your breath
Would haunt me for weeks

I will always remember
With my eyes stinging hot
I thought to myself
You Were As Good As It Got

~For my Polo. You gave me your heart each and every day. Now I share with you a piece of mine to keep you warm until we ride together again one day.

April 26, 2010

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