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Are You As Fit As Your Horse? Learn More About The Athletic Rider Fitness Boot Camp. Your Horse Will Thank You For Your Investment In Rider Fitness.


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The Pain-Gain Box

It is called the Pain-Gain Box and works so much better than a simple pro/con list.

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Badass Equestrian: Align with Your Core Values

What happens after you Focus on Mastery and Connect with your Spiritual Influencer?

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Badass Equestrian: Connect to Your Spiritual Influencer

Imagine the energy you could bring completely connected to your purpose in life!

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Create Your Future

It is us, not history, that creates the future.

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Badass Equestrian: Focus on Mastery

Badass Equestrian Step One

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3 Steps to Becoming a BADASS Equestrian

First and foremost, you have to become a BADASS Leader!

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The Holiday THRIVE Accountability Group

What if you could join a group of rider who were interested not in surviving THRIVING during the Holidays? You can starting December 1st!

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Equestrian Sports Performance Coaching

Two Minds. Two Bodies. One Goal. PERFORMANCE. What’s the one things that changes everything when it comes to performance? The ability to control ENERGY!

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