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What will it take for you to shift your energy and your attitude in the saddle and in your life?

The Athletic Rider is now offering half day and full day workshops based on the same Energy Leadership™ principles and materials that Leah Hinnefeld uses to individually coach equestrians.  

The Equestrian Energy Leadership Workshop will help you shift your energy from catabolic (negative) to anabolic (positive), resulting in improved sports performance and a more success-oriented outlook and approach to life. Topics can be customized bad on feedback from your group of riders. 

Custom workshops are created from the following topcis (just to name a few):

  • ☑️ Recognize the Five Obstacles Blocking Your Success
  • ☑️ Improve Time Management/Work-Barn-Life Balance
  • ☑️ Design a Health/Wellness Plan to meet YOUR Goals
  • ☑️ Study the 6 Influencers that add to or detract from your ability to reach your goals
  • ☑️ Set AIM SMART Goals for your upcoming riding season
  • ☑️ Practice the 10 COR.E Disciplines practiced by top performing equestrians