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Latest News

What Is a Coach?

When you hear the word “coach,” what immediately comes to mind? Swim coach? Football Coach? Riding Coach? “What exactly IS coaching?”

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Check Your Fitness Filter

Would you be surprised to learn that a LOT of riders have a pretty dull filter when it comes to rider fitness? Seriously!

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Check Your Filter

We all view this word through some kind of filter. That filter can change, depending on the circumstances of your life…if you allow it.

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He Sleeps, She Runs

Check out how this Athletic Rider learned how to not run from grief but toward hope.

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Can’t You Just Give Me a “Blank Exercise?”

An Athletic Rider does not just sit there. Neither should the training program.

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Fit Farrier-Trim Trimmer Series: Lower Crossed Syndrome

The third part in the series discusses posture distortions, muscular imbalances and injury in hoof care providers.

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Above All Else, Be Flexible

Flexibility may not be the first focus that comes to mind when discussing rider fitness. Unless we have very short legs and a very broad horse, flexibility training may seem to be an unnecessary part of a typical Rider Fitness program. Quite the opposite. Particularly as we get a little long in the tooth, flexibility […]

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Fit Farrier-Trim Trimmer Series: Pronation Distortion Syndrome

Learn how a hoof care providers daily activities contribute to muscular imbalances that can results in pronation distortion syndrome.

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Fit Farrier-Trim Trimmer Series: Common Postural Distortion

Learn about common postural distortion that farriers must fight to avoid injury.

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The Athletic Rider Inspiration: Focus T25

Learn how the Beachbody program Focus T25 was the inspiration behind the Athletic Rider and its online fitness boot camps.

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